Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Parade

Here we are! Ryan thinks he own the Trail right now.
Highlights from the Lost Dutchman Days Parade
Nathan holding our spot. Back off people!
Zach making the boys laugh
Emily looking on...we don't need those cheerleaders!
getting ready
Zane, Batman is on your head!
Superstition Mountain Elementary School
my alma mater and one day, Henry's school
Beautiful Calista with the glasses I will one day steal when she is not looking
Wave it Nick
Reynolds Pooper Scoopers
And yes there were some low-lights. Like the fez-wearing motorcyclists, sorry, but you came WAY to close to the sidewalk for my taste. And I love the Lord, but I do not appreciate the people on their floats proselytizing on a loud speaker in a shepherd outfit.
And this low light is for you Kevin...people on tall bikes of any kind...

Lots of candy, lots of pencils and lots of fun watching Zane, Zach & Henry!


Jasmin said...

Oh Jenny I love you and your blog...I love the pictures of Cali you were able to take! I am so happy she waved to you, she looks so proud...she walked by me and gave a shy little smile as I was screaming my head off and crying because I love her so. I should probably stop doing that at EVERY event she is in, she seems to hate it!

Lydia Henry said...

Jenny, what a great recorder of events in the Henry family album. We are so lucky you and Ryan are our personal photographers.