Monday, June 6, 2011

Water Day

I love slip n slides.
I do. My favorite slip n slides were the ones at Young Life Camp. Big black tarp, lots of soap to make them slipperier and big hoses hosing you down because this was actually the way you got "clean" after messy games. But alas, they got banned because people got hurt I guess.

Also slip and slides in Arizona are kinda hit and miss. I mean not too many people have grass and if they do it is not enough for a whole slip and slide. It was like swish, weeeeee, ow ow ow, oh rock in the face, ooooof!

Our yard in Oregon has grass, but it slants. I pouted for a second, because we cant really have a wading pool and then I thought slip and slide!!! Imagine my excitement.

Henry was a little apprehensive, but with a little help from Ryan...he got his first taste of the smooth ride of a slip and slide.
A great teacher models technique
I dont want to do it
you didnt hear me

a little push

that was fun, but I'm done

Henry loved "fighting" the water
"If I look busy, maybe they won't bug me to go in the water again"

It was a good water day. Hopefully it will get warm enough to play in the water 2 days in a row

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