Saturday, June 11, 2011

Strawberry Fields Forever

This weekend we went to French Prairie Gardens for their Berries, Brews & BBQ. So fun, especially for people like me who love Farm Events (go ahead click on it).
Will loved the animals
Henry loved the slide
Ryan loved the BBQ
I loved the Strawberries...
Thanks Papa for this contraption
EVERYONE, I MEAN EVERYONE commented on how cool it is
we agree and so does Will
look at him, seriously cute
1st and last time Ryan had to hold his hand to feed the animals
he thought they were so funny
a little apprehensive on his first slide, but then...

my favorite pic
Oh the swine ride reminds me of this
Do you love him?

We loved how they were holding on

and Will got to play with the animals again

Is Your momma a llama
She freaked Ryan out

another favorite pic
Strawberry Fields
It's hard work picking Strawberries
a.k.a. Grandad

Dont mind if I do

Back on the Hayride
I have a thing for barns
baby pumpkin sprouts...makes me giddy for pumpkin patches

Good-bye Strawberries I LOVE YOU

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