Monday, February 14, 2011

My 3 Valentines

I am missing the Little Prospector today. It was my favorite party of the year.
I was ready to let this day just pass by the Gelbrichs, but then I remembered my favorite Valentine's Day growing up. My mom made a big Heart cake with marshmallow frosting. I think she just had Tricia or about to have Tara. I thought if my mom could make a homemade cake with all us kids, I could throw something together for the guys in my life. Thanks Mom and Lou Lou for the Valentines.
My Men--Love you Guys
Fo Fo Fo Fweet
This is Will's camera smile
Henry's Valentine's treat
These cookies were a little creepy looking

Thanks Grammy
He is so advanced
Dinosaur Train

Happy Valentine's Day
Love the One(s) you're With

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