Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas @ the Compound

What a lovely Christmas Eve. Blue skies, green cilantro, red tamales.
Camera Ready
Henry Girls
Banquet Table
Gavin looks up to see who captured him, while Henry growled in protest
Baby Will loved Tara's jewelry
Twin Cousins
She's a Tara, Tara Kitty, Kitty Kitty
And I'm Dunise

Zowie! my cousins
Even in B&W Tara has a halo
Love you Tata
(who thought that would be funny? Wayne?)
Borquez Family
My Beautiful Sister
The Baby Whisperer
The Matriarch of the Padilla clan
(she really is happy to be with us)
Aunties love at all times
THE Hill


1 comment:

TrishtheDish said...

I totally didn't see this blog?! My favorite caption: The Baby Whisperer.
I love our Christmas