Sunday, December 5, 2010

25 Days of Christmas--Day 5

Day 5
Christmas Tree Farm
We have our saw
Does this hat look familiar family?
Find a Tree Henry
Will is waiting
Run Around
I said to find a Charlie Brown Tree
and here it is...
but we chose one that is a little taller, but just a little

I love these two snugglies
and I should have wore make-up
go off and be free

square hat for a square head and mouth
"Hold the tree Henry"
another one bites the dust
makes me think of the Giving Tree

A Henry & Will sized tree
Good job Husband
oh and a free Candy Cane for the boy
Get 'er done guys

A fun time and a new tradition

1 comment:

Julie Young said...

This brings back fond memories of taking our kiddos to the tree farm. You guys are such fun parents! I love your advent idea and you are beautiful without makeup!