Friday, July 9, 2010

az2or Day 1--B's Wedding

I loved B's wedding. Let me show you why...

these candles in the tree
I love them
there was also a window in a tree, but I got sidetracked by some old friends and forgot to take a picture
the flowers were simple and elegant and timeless
i like candles in know that
i love this family
and they are looking so happy in this picture
this is where I told myself not to cry
wait, B is only 15 how can this be happening
oh, he is a college graduate whoops
i also love this person and his family
gotta love the Musicks
i do not know the bride very well or her dad, but this is the moment I told myself to go ahead and cry
don't you love how her dad is looking at her
i could tell he was having a hard time holding it together
i also cried during his speech...oh dads you are so important to your little girls
a moment after this picture, B was looking at his bride, but my camera did not want to work fast enough to get that look, but it was priceless
i love how happy B is
and his bride was beautiful...i like the way bride's are using those little veils these days.
i loved watching Connor dance down the aisle
his date lost her shoe and he went back to get it,
that is so Connor of him
did i say how much i loved the flowers
I love how Mary stole baby Will and would not give him back and I loved how he slept on her with his mouth open right through his feeding
i loved all our friends we got to see and enjoy
thank you young family for a great first night in salem
B, you are one of our favorite all time people and look at you
I echo your dad's words, you taught us so much in your journey about who God is
you remained real and thoughtful and look at God blessing you, not just with a beautiful bride, but with a full life
thank you for always letting us love you
you are a man to know

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