Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Bed

About two months ago we had this bed made by our friend Jose and it has been hanging out in our house waiting for a mattress. We finally bought a mattress and were waiting for it to come in to the store where we bought it. Well, that store went out of business swallowing our mattress and we thought our money. We finally did some investigative work (called the property manager), and tracked down the manager. He felt bad and gave us a mattress that was worth triple than the bed we paid for...pillow top. And after me dragging my feet, rolling my eyes, and trying to get Ryan to wait for Henry to be in college before we move him from the crib, we have fully put the bed together, sheets and all.
Henry tried about 15 times to get in the bed before we were completely done. He was beside himself rolling around and laughing and telling us to throw pillows at him.

I wish I could stay with comfy
Smile MoMo
Daddy gets to read "in" bed to the boy
You are getting too big Henry. We love you and are so proud of you.
He is in there now--quiet, sleeping. I am just waiting for our door handle to turn and for his little head to poke through. Maybe I should go sleep on the floor in his room.