Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Good-bye Friends

So, today I said good-bye to my three-year-olds. Mixed feelings. Mainly sad feelings. I passed a parent in the hallway, who started to come my way, but remembered his daughter had moved to the other side of the hall. When he came out of the other classroom his head was down and I said, "I am sad." He kinda looked up and I said, "Are you sad?" Then he looked up with big red eyes and nodded and quickly left. I knew they would love their new class, but I just worried about them being sad. It is not like school-school where they have all summer. Yesterday they were with me and today they went to another room. I wanted to sneak in their room and hug them all, but I decided to give them a couple of days.

My new class is so sweet. They are learning to pull up their pants IN the bathroom, recognize their own name and use the BIG slide on the BIG playground. We were really proud today, because all the kids fell asleep WITHOUT their backs being rubbed--AMAZING FEAT! I am so excited to teach them new songs and see them grow.

Still there is a little ache for my old kids, even the ones that mad me want to pull out my hair.

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