Saturday, July 30, 2011

Maya the Paya turns dos

She's fire and ice, this girl...
She can be dainty and then totally go after it...
It's her birthday and it's at the carousel
and she's got a ticket to ride
Carousels are timeless really
I mean nothing has changed much
They still go round and round and most of the horses go up and down
Every kid wants to ride them more than once
and when you are on them you get to be a kid again
"hi, hi, hi"
Henry loves it
Even big kids can ride
The horse did not want to let go of Will
Will & Aunt Kelsey
naannie nannie naaaannie
Birthday Cake time!
First, Maya started singing to herself before we could sing to her
and her song must have been over before ours was, because
she blew out her candle before we were done singing...
and she thought this was hilarious!

What did she get?
Stay Brown! Jeeeerrrrryyyy
Interesting picture...I am really not kicking the baby
Yes Juanro, pink IS your color
Henry, front and center

Happy Carousel Birthday Miss Maya

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