Saturday, July 9, 2011

4 from Arizona 2 Oregon--Day Two--Cousins at the Beach

I love these people
Amazing, not a cloud in the sky day
beautiful sisters

Will got to experience sand in his toes

Hopefully the only alligator and shark we will see today
Boys were having an absolute blast
Happy Boy
He is used to just going into bodies of water with his whole body...
so this was inevitable
Zane was kinda bummed at first
What? I can take off my shirt?
"Why do I still have a shirt on," says Henry
Be Free

The sharks do not attack this boy because either
1. he blinds them with his body
2. the sharks think he is the sun
Does anyone ever...
...these boys
I like this picture because of Henry's pasty skin
and Liz's most beautiful hair

This made me grumpy
Sand makes me grumpy and then you add in a thousand steep stairs and I am
I think the beach in general, though, was so fun for the boys.
I do wish I would have been more prepared.
It seems the spontaneous events become the most special events.

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