Thursday, May 5, 2011

Birthdays are for everyone

It was my birthday yesterday.
Birthdays are very important, greatly celebrated events in my family and extended family. It was a time for parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and the few REALLY good friends to come together eat food, laugh, sometimes argue, hit a pinata, and open presents. This was a monthly event in my family, because I have many cousins. Even if it wasn't your birthday, you still looked forward to those times, because well it was fun to be together. I explained this to one of my roommates when I first moved to Oregon, and she said, "You might want to go home for your birthday." And so I did.

So imagine my joy when yesterday 2 things happened:
1. Henry was VERY disappointed when Ryan went to work, because it was, "Mommy's birthday!" and then again when I got ready for work, "but it's your birthday!" All day he kept saying, "when are we going to your birthday?" What does this say to me? He thinks other people's birthday are just as exciting and important as his, well at least almost as exciting. Like his mother, he appreciates a crowd celebrating.

and 2. when my birthday landed on Bunco Night. This may seem silly or old ladyish to some, but I love Bunco. I always leave encouraged, having laughed hard, sometimes poorer, but always richer in camaraderie.
these were trick candles--been a long time

A present, a chocolate cake and a dress richer tonight!
I let Henry eat cake for breakfast.
After I cut him a piece, he was still not satisfied saying,
"You need candles on a birthday cake."

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Lydia Henry said...

You were so missed on your birthday. Not the same talking to you on the phone or sending you a text or wishing you a happy birthday by Facebook.