Sunday, April 24, 2011

the "hunt"

Henry's first Oregon Easter Egg Hunt
What am I doing here?
First in line=not happy baby
Go get em
Henry's bucket broke before we even started. Dollar store bucket...whoops
"Give me an egg!!"
Henry was happy to share
I just want half
Henry's loot. We followed the 10 egg rule + two for Will
Hey parents, if you go to a neighborhood Easter egg hunt with a huge white bucket with an egg hole in the top...seems a little much to me. Especially when there were kids in the back of the line who did not get any eggs. Parents were so proud of their kids' 40+ egg haul, while some parents were crying with their crying 2 year olds. Greedy google heads.
Our friend won an Easter basket
We miss you Apache Junction Parks and Recreation Easter Egg Hunt

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