Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Crooked Stick Easter Eve

So glad to have Nathan and Kristi home with their new bundle
David James Daniels
Isn't that a strong name?
These are the bloggers favorite pictures of the night...
Papa was the only one missing, so these are for you:

Nathan and Memers
(she gave up Meme for the new Meme)

Will loves him some Aunt Lorie
If he leaves me here for any amount of time, I. can. just. reach. those. glasses

Here, Mac. you dont even have to run after it
Hunters ready

So silly...he only needed one
Um, what can I say about this one? I almost cropped this one so that it was only the new parents, but then look how cute Kelsey looks, so alas there we all are.

Will wanted everyone's phones
and he cannot wait to play Battle Beasts with David
The Star of the show
can't you just smell him

Lulling David James to sleep
This one is for you Papa
Missed You Papa

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The Thiessens said...

I hopped on over to your site from SImpleBites. I quickly read through your recent post and when I got to the last photo and read the caption, my heart just welled up in my throat! That is the most precious photo!...I'm a fairly new nana, but also fairly recently lost my dad. Oh how I wish he were here to enjoy my "grand" little ones :)