Friday, October 15, 2010

Zach Attack

What a fun season, a little hot, but so fun to watch Zach learn and grow

my favorite part was hearing Zach's voice on the field

zane wanted to be part of the post game that little heart
he loves him some liz
star struck
look how Zane is looking at Zach
my picture with the star
love these friends

I loved watching you Zach
You are a leader
You are an amazing person
I am glad I know you and get to love you
Let's Go MINERS Let's Go


TrishtheDish said...

Blogs that make me cry.

Lydia Henry said...

Yes, Jenny knows how to capture the moments we all love. Zach is such an athlete. I know big and better things will come his way but nothing will be as precious as his very first season as a Miner.

Jenny said...

true mom very true