Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ya Ya Ya

I know I have been slacking.
Mainly, I have not had the heart to post.
On Saturday, we will be 4 from Arizona back to Oregon.
And honestly, every time I think of posting a lump builds in my throat and so I just don't.
But there are still things to post and so it is time to be brave.
I said good-bye to Aaron who has been my best friend, boss, friend-who-reminds-me-to-be-nice-to-my-husband, roommate-ish, get-into-trouble-with-friend, and out-of-trouble-with, and fellow-ambulance-chaser, and fellow mom. Sad day, I didn't cry until I walked out the door.

I know this is part of my journey and so I lean into the Lord as we continue to figure out what the hell this life is all about.


Katauras said...

Love to see you posting again! I recognize that caterpillar. I think he lives outside the Disney Store!

Anonymous said...

I'M sooooooooo excited for you and your family to be coming home to your Reslock Family!!!! I know you will miss yours so much!!! Hope all gose smooth!!
Love Julie Newton