Wednesday, May 5, 2010

So I really thought this baby would come last week for some reason. My water broke 10 days early with Henry and I just thought. I have always got annoyed with people for wanting their baby to come early. And here I am of course, because I always reap what I sow especially when it comes to judging people.
This picture is of me, in need of a haircut, faking a smile, because I cannot believe I am going to work, on my birthday. Aaron made me biscuits and gravy to soften the blow and then I went out to lunch with some of my favorite people and that helped as well.
It literally looks like I stuck a basketball in my shirt. No more work shirts for me.

And this is me Tuesday night after my mom's chicken tacos and some cake...feeling much better.

There you go sister Kristi, some big belly pictures!


Kam said...

Beautiful! You should have one eating a cookie:)

Kristi said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I am so sad to be missing this time in your life! Thanks for the pics. Hope you had a good birthday. Missed you and your face! You look great!!

Katauras said...

My first came 13 days early. Maya came the Friday after she was due. No luck for my in consistency that way. Possible silver lining? Melia took 15 hours, Maya was born 33 minutes after we arrived at my birthing room. Literally. We asked the nurse. Maybe this labor will be easier than Henry's birth was!