Monday, May 18, 2009

There Goes Another Rubber Tree Plant

I LOVE seeing Ryan working with my dad
I do not know anyone who works harder than my dad.

Henry's Tree
(mainly because it is the hole he fell into yesterday and I want to tell the story over and over until Henry hates me)

5 Citrus & 2 Sisu
We need shade in a bad way.
Thanks Grandad!!


Lydia Henry said...

Those are great pictures of your dad and Henry. I will make sure he sees them.

He said that he liked doing this for you and Ryan. He really wanted to get that last tree in for you but couldn't because of the dirt.

My Three Sons Designs said...

those are so cute! can i just say how much i loved our sisu's at our old house? they are HUGE in three years...nice choice.

AJLiz said...

Henry is such a big helper!