Tuesday, May 12, 2009


It's been a long time since I have been home for Mother's Day...

Some have asked, "Which one is the mom?"
The Other Mothers (Aunties)


Lydia Henry said...

Jenny hasn't been home in I think 9 years. I had to wish her a Happy Mother's Day on her first by phone. It made me sad to have to send a card and not give her one. Every Mother's Day I wished that all my kids to be with me on Mother's Day. Sunday was the best Mother's Day since they were little. Thank you, Cy for thinking of this. Thank you The Windmill for the great pictures even though it was hotter than Hell. I am still glad our girls are here to be with us.


TrishtheDish said...

I'm so glad the day didn't end in tragedy with one of the boys falling off the horse ride. I felt a little silly afterward for grabbing Zach's arm while we "parked." Good pics sister. Happy M Day

Also the verification word for this comment was "colinga" It reminded me of something you would say. Maybe while you were speaking Spanish??