Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hello? Is this thing on?

I decided to start blogging again.  I am not changing the name or the About Me information (for now), because who really cares about that.  I have decided to start blogging again because I was taking pictures at Henry's football game today and really wanted to explain them to my family.  There is Facebook, but I have more to say about real things.  I also don't just want my life to be about happy pictures that make our life look perfect.  I have things to say about life and parenting and how hard it all is and how worth-it it all is.  It is not going to be blogging like the blogging that is out there in the world.  I am not wanting to go viral, or right a book, or be famous. This is old school.  This is for my family and friends if they want to read.  If you don't want to--I promise there won't be a quiz the next time we hang out.  Just me, real, raw and weird.
See? Real and Weird.
Stay tuned...
*my mac is freaking out right now, because I am making it do work again.


Lydia Henry said...

So glad you are blogging again. Missed it.

Kathy Wilson said...

Yay! You are one of two bloggers who(m) I know and love and love to read! And you are both writing again :) Happiness with your realness <3