Saturday, June 2, 2012


Dear Reid,
We missed your big day.  Breaks our hearts.  Makes me cry because I love you so much and want to always be a part of the important days of your life.  I have been to important events like your first sermon or your graduation from high school.  But here we are in Oregon and there you are marrying the love of your life in San Diego.  Instead of going into a deep depression because I missed your day, I am going to remember all the significant days that we have had with you and will have with you.  I know that we disappointed you but remember?  We named our child after you--here is the blog in case you forgot.  I know you still love us.  
So here is a walk down memory lane.  So bad new is I stole these off the wedding blogs of Molly & Connor, but I do not have my old pictures on this computer and I am not savvy enough to get them off my hard drive.

Could I love these four people more?

so sweet

I love you too.  Look at my gross lip

Is this your favorite one?  Geez.  Thank you for taking part blame even though you had nothing to do with it.  You were so my right arm that year.
And then you grew a mustache...
Even though the pictures above and below look like they are from the same visit, they are not.  You always "stop by" on your way anywhere in the Southwest.

You stopped by Mesa, AZ to see this boy days after he was born.  You are so faithful to our family.

Henry forgives you for having a mustache

This is you after your engagement photos "stopping by" again to visit us.

There you two are.  Love you guys cannot wait to see you married.

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