Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt 2012--Willamette Fruit Company

When we lived in Arizona it was easy to decide where we hunt eggs on the Saturday before Easter.  Here in Salem, there are a lot of choices, but not eggcellent ones like AJ Parks and Rec.  Today, on a Facebook whim (saw where someone else was going) we went to Willamette Valley Fruit Company's Easter Egg Hunt.  
Beaver Boys before the hunt

look at all those eggs

Will would take the balloon and be happy

Willamette Valley Fruit Company was not stingy with the eggs let me tell you

see what I am saying

why have we never been here before?

Here Will Goes!

all by himself

he is so sweet

way to go Will

Henry patiently waiting for his turn.
He is in the 4-6 year old heat

Go get 'em buddy
look at the tongue

Mom, are you getting this.

way to hang with the big boys

I know this is kinda weird, but I had to give a cameo to my friend who is the team leader for Young Lives (Young Life teen parent ministry).  You cannot tell from the back, but she is actually full term (37+ weeks).  She thought she was going into labor last night, but ended up not being far enough along and was sent home.  One of the teen moms she gets to hang out with responded to this news by saying to her on Facebook,
"Are they still going to let you go to camp :0?"  Bottom line for her.
 I love that with all my heart.  Heidi and the other Young Lives leaders are doing big things, HUGE.
(let me know if you want to be involved)

Can you believe these cherry blossoms?

Okay, this is worth the long, rainy winter.
Willamette Valley Fruit Company, we will be back next Easter Saturday.

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