Saturday, September 3, 2011

Beaver Believers

O...S...U...Oregon State...Fight! Fight! Fight!
We started the day with a tailgater with the Edelbrock Clan
and were later joined by the Hills.
PS: we got to Corvallis by 9:30 and the game didn't start until 1:00--
I am still getting used to all of this game day stuff
Will landed on his bottom-now he knows not to mess with the Edelbrock girls
I love this picture

Edelbrock family picture time
Here let me help
We were all a little dusty. Reminded Jamie & I of living in Arizona.
(Jamie & Eric also lived for a couple of years in the dust bowl.)
We ran over to make it to the Beaver Walk (when the team comes off the bus). So fun, we especially like watching Coach Riley come off the bus
We love Mike Riley (he is in the khaki)...such a class act
Benny had been waiting for Henry, see how he is running over to us

Henry was loving standing next to Benny; Will was excited until Ryan handed him over.
(dont judge my grammar)
We left early, it was HOT! And the white boys were melting and we all know this mom does not like the temperature to rise above 78 degrees.
The Beavers felt the heat too I guess, but we are still

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The Edelbrocks said...

Love this, Jenny! We still love the Beavs too! We need to get together when its not so hot and dusty! :)