Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Half Birthday Baby Will

oh baby you have been adored since moment one... Will had wrinkled skin on his hands and feet, which i cannot stand, so the lotion Queen went to work
henry looks so small
Reid & W. Reid
oh how I miss these moments
what happened to all that dark hair
lots of love from b. brother

oh bear bear...their heads are the same size now

too big for the swing now...:(
oh fweet
he love him some brown family

fireworks! fireworks!

so handsome

he loves his animal friends

His Tata
Cowboy Mike

He can sit on his own for a minute or so, before he gets excited
Scooting and rolling all over the floor to get his toy friends
he says, "da, ma, ba, na"
oh my he has a temper
still a cuddler
almost jumps out of his skin to get to his brother
has a love affair with his paci
starting to like cereal...sorta, but REALLY wants our food
I love when he is nursing and comes off to see if I am looking at him and then smiles and goes back to work
loves to laugh
still eating every three hours, sometimes four at night...SOMETIMES
we love him
he loves us
i cannot wait to see what he does next

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