Thursday, April 22, 2010

Liquid GOLD

So I do not usually talk about merchandise on my blog, but I have to because I love this stuff so much.
It is Jojoba oil. I love it. I use it everyday. On my face, my pregnant belly, all over (I mix it with my lotion). I get it from my esthetician (eyebrow lady). It is great on sunburns and I put it on Henry's sensitive skin. I caught him using my brand new bottle of liquid gold the other day as he was watching TV. I screamed in my mouth and when his head was turned hid it from him.

No, I do not buy the big bottle, mainly because I would worship it in secret and I love Jesus. A little bottle lasts me about 2-3 months. My mom bought me a new bottle and tonight I am packing it in my hospital bag.
The End


Jasmin said...

Oh yes....I love it too for everything. Mostly I love it for my hair, it is the closest to your skins natural oil....I need a HUGE bottle, I had no idea of such a thing. I need it now.

TrishtheDish said...

I think I need it too.