Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Christmas Eve Story

I had to work today, EARLY.
About 6:30 a little boy walked into the preschool. A, let's say, interesting boy and we'll call him Aiden, and he is around 6. The other day when I was working in the office he was acting in such a way that I made him take a nap even though his class does not take naps. So on Christmas Eve, at 6:30 am, I was not exactly jumping out of my seat to see him...we were hoping for a nice, quiet day.

After talking non-stop for about 10 minutes, I asked him to eat his breakfast and let his voice rest for a little while.
Soon some of his classmates got there and he came around the counter where I was working and blurted out, "Did you know that tomorrow is God's birthday?" I said, "Yes, I do Aiden."
Aiden, "Ya, God was born in a barn."
Everyone, at this point was kinda smiling and walking away. I was interested and asked Aiden to stay and tell me a little more about this barn and God.
I said, "Sometimes when I think of God as a baby, I like to call him Jesus."
Aiden, "Ya, that is his name too."
Me, "So, who else was at this barn like cows and sheep?"
Aiden looking at me like I have no idea about God and Jesus and said, "No, but there were some wise men."
Me, "Oh ya, why do you think they were there?"
Aiden, matter of factly and a little annoyed at my stupidity, "Because they knew that he was going to be their master, he was going to be their KING!"
I can't lie, I wanted to bow down to this kid and cry in the bathroom, because I know that the Lord was looking at me with those father eyes that say, "Hey Jenny, you have no idea how much I love ALL my creation, ESPECIALLY this boy in front of you that drives everyone crazy."
I got myself together and said, "King is a great word for him, Aiden. Where did you hear all this, your parents?"
A, kinda laughing, "No."
Me, "Do you go to church?"
A: "NO"
Me: "Where?"
Aiden: "On TV"
Me: "Oh, do your parents watch that channel?"
Aiden: "Oh no, they usually just watch big boy shows."
Me: "Do you watch this channel all the time?"
Aiden: "Oh ya, there are some cartoons on it."
Me: "How did you find this channel?"
Aiden: "Well a TV was shoved in my room and I was just changing the channels and there it was."

Humbled, I took him back to his classroom praying my faith would be as sure as his.
Merry Christmas Aiden, may I see you with new eyes, may I see you the way God does.


Katauras said...

I have to be honest. I teared up. Amen.

TrishtheDish said...

I guess that's how He does :)