Tuesday, November 17, 2009

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, Why are you lying on the Ground?

Early in Dean and Jodi's relationship, we allowed Dean to help with the Christmas Tree. In fact, I allowed him to be a part of the whole tradition. Including La Hacienda, where Jodi and I share some Mocajete. I think I said "period" that night, luckily Dean could handle it.

We even let Dean the Machine put up the star.

This is my, "this is the best Christmas ever" pose.
I think this was an important step for these two

Who is taking this picture? Maybe the fourth roommate?

A gorgeous finished product.
Later that night, after Dean left us, Jodi went to water the tree and whoa whoa whoa, the tree fell to its doom. Luckily, that was not how Dodi and Jean's relationship ended. (the tree was fine after we stopped laughing and being in shock) But we laughed really hard. Here's to the Christmas Tree of 2004--thanks for the memories
Love you Dean Jodi, Jacob & Claire-bear...
we cant wait to see you and your 5th tree together


Anonymous said...

Oh My!!!! Now thats a real tree Jen!!! Luv you

TrishtheDish said...

That's a great story! Merry Christmas Oregan peeps!

Also I like when the word verification is a word you would make-up. Today's word: Shaesch.

Jenny said...