Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Favorite Number

20 months is not a significant month really, but since 20 is my favorite number, I am going to celebrate Henry on is 20.  I love the way you laugh at yourself.  You still have a banana every morning and every time we go through the produce section you yell, "my ba-na-na!"  You love Sesame Street and all the characters, but right now you love Super Grover the most.  You like to boss everyone and everything especially Jada. "No no Jada, be nice to Henry!"  You like to pretend you are a dog.  You love to be just like Zane.  You love to wrestle Zach.  You could throw rocks in water ALL DAY.  You can be very serious and I love to watch you concentrate.  

Henry you are loved and liked

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AJLiz said...

My favorite is when he carries around super grover and bosses him :) also when he wrestles the boys - he's going to be the toughest one of all!