Sunday, April 5, 2009

Work in Progress

Here is a tour of our house for those of you out-of-staters.  We are still opening boxes and putting things away mostly after the Henry Boy goes to bed.
The Office
Eat In Dining Room (I have to think of a paint color for the bay window area)
Living Room
the new gate we put in yesterday
Our little bucket head
Loft Balcony
Our Side of the Loft
Henry's Side of the Loft
Our Room (yes, I put that G on there for the picture)
Spare Bedroom
Henry's Bedroom

Henry's monkey bathroom

Yes, those are dolphins in our master bath and no, we did not do that handy-work.  Sick.  
So that is most of the house.  I tried to take a picture of the wall I just painted today, but none of the wall colors came out in the other pictures, so later when I can take more time.  I am not very bold when it comes to my surroundings.  I have never done any of this before...I have never had a house before.  It will be an interesting adventure.


Lydia Henry said...

Great job Jen!

TrishtheDish said...

I like thinking about all the things I want to do to my house, but I'm pretty sure most will just stay thoughts for the next few years. Looks good so far sister.

Lora said...

AWESOME house jenny!! Congrats!! Did you get your euro pillows?, baby. Also, this word just in...lavender is the hot new neutral color for interior house paint. Sounds tacky, but it's not. I'm really liking what i see...