Friday, March 27, 2009

Attitude adjustment

So, I have a 2 year old friend who likes to throw herself on the ground from time to time, and get a little sassy. When she gets a little 'tude, I have her go lay on a mat. After I see her calm down, I ask her if she has adjusted her attitude. I am pretty sure that she does not know those two words, but smiles sweetly and says "yes!" And then she is better.

Little does she know I have needed an attitude adjustment all week. I am putting myself on the green mat and going to adjust my attitude by being thankful...
I am thankful...
that Henry has not been to the doctor for three weeks in a row--record!
for my husbands gentleness and patience this week as I have been quite the shrew
that my friend Tina Jada made me laugh and cry at the very same time today...usually movies only make me do that
that Tara took Henry today so I could go to the watering hole for a Corona with my mom
for Alias
that Dean and Jodi's newest addition is due on Henry's fun to hear!
for a new house to come home to
that salt lifts red wine out of carpet
that Henry loves his cousins and aunties so much

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